About Us


Founding Leaders of LRC

Legal rights council (LRC) – India, is a Non Governmental organization, founded in the year 1999 by Guruji Shri Madhan Kumar. Guruji is basically a teacher from Madurai and a renowned guru for thousands of students and has rendered exemplary service to humanity. Blessed with an in depth knowledge of yoga he has undertaken numerous empowerment seminars and classes which has helped thousands of people realize the enhancement of mental health and will power. He was honored as a yoga guru for his 35 years excellence in this field. Guruji started this organization to provide legal services, yoga awareness, educational awareness and self defense classes to promote women empowerment.
The Legal Rights Council – India, currently operating in 22 states and 19 countries and is well known for its inimitable social service and achievements. The NGO conducted numerous self defense awareness, law awareness, motivation and leadership development programs to students and women all over India.
LRC feels proud to have Padmashree late Adv. MN Krishnamani, a senior advocate and an ex President of Supreme court bar association, as our President for 10 years. In 2011, he was awarded LL.D degree by a renowned university in Orissa for his contribution in the field of law. The organization feels equally proud to have late Advocate Ms. Lily Thomas, the first LL.M holder in India, who was well-known for her crusade against the politics of corruption, as our Legal Advisor/ patron since beginning.


The main VISION of the Organization is

LRC considers as its paramount duty to help the leaders of this country to build a strong and powerful nation through education, dedication and hard work of its people. Nation building involves promotion of legal awareness among people, especially among women and youth. LRC strives for various reforms in our country, including corruption free politics, free and fair elections, free democracy and more rights to women. LRC organizes various legal and other empowerment seminars, at village, district, state and national level. LRC conducted numerous seminars to develop leadership skills among the women and youth. LRC publishes a monthly magazine to promote legal rights among the citizen for the protection of fundamental rights and equality. Moreover, the council felt that after COVID-19 youth in our country suffer from depression. Many resort to suicide or many other radical elements like narcotics to bear their turbulences in life. More than medicine and other alternative depressive solutions, LRC strives to enhance their self confidence and mind power through various confidence building measures and classes for empowerment. This will lead them to success and thereby happiness. The council conducts a series of activities with example of real life stories for youngsters and women who are the future of our nation, to bring the motivational and mental power within them. It is to remind them of the basic theory of mind power to achieve “nothing is impossible”.

Let us submit our body and soul to our own willpower. Let us not succumb to any negative forces/ energy like alcohol or narcotics, but to our own mind, which only promotes freedom and peace. Let us not promote any hate or hatred, but only the love and compassion. Let us awake together and work for the country and let us build our country and there by a strong “VASUDAIVA KUDUMBAKAM”

Under Guruji’s guidance, this organization has conducted many programs for the welfare of the nation like 70,000 km BIKE RALLY for Women Empowerment, 1075 km PAD YATRA for National Integrity, 5200 km THIRANGA YATRA for one nation One flag, 1025 km PLASTIC MUKTH BHARAT Rally,(say no to Plastic awareness program) 4,550 km BIKE RALLY by wearing saree from Madurai to Manali, Himachal Pradesh to celebrate 75th Independence day (Motto: Dress is no barrier to achieve your dream),500 self motivation camps for the students, self defense programs, health and education camps, apart from International law seminars. Under the auspices of LRC, ADHARSH MAHILA Award is honored to motivate women. During the COVID-19 Legal Rights Council distributed more than 1,00,000 cups of immunity booster for the Police, CRPF, Health workers and public all over India. The council also distributed 90,000 water bottles, 85,000 juices, masks and food for the needy.


Ms. Rajalaxmi Manda is currently the General Secretary. She is a teacher and an inspiring role model for the modern woman. She was born in a small village in Karnataka. She completed her schooling at Ramakrishna Mission, Sharada Vidyalaya and her graduation in Madras University, Chennai, Tamilnadu. Inspired by the Gandhian principles she was motivated to do her post graduation in M.A.Hindi at Dhakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha, Chennai. She started her own Hindi Educational Institute, Chennai and so far has trained over 11,000 students in the past 10 years.
An outstanding, unsurpassed achiever, a disciplined yoga practitioner, she holds the World record for pulling a 9.5 ton vehicle (truck) effortlessly which is indeed a superhuman effort. Ms.Rajalaxmi Manda was passionate to prove that any supreme effort is possible for women. To prove this, she conceived and demonstrated a series of phenomenal events to motivate women. She is the only women pulled 2.5 ton vehicle with her hair, 4 tons vehicle with her teeth and drove the longest 12 wheeler truck in the World. Her immense strength was proven by breaking of a 120 kg black stone on her abdomen, driving of the heaviest bullet motor cycle over her hands and pulling of 85 trucks (2 tons – 9.5 tons) in 85 different places throughout India. Ms.Rajalaxmi Manda proved to all women, young and old , that any challenges and hardships in life can be faced and handled effectively , courageously , singlehandedly by a woman if she decides to do so and has a sound mind and will power.
A path breaker, role model, bullet rider, superwoman achiever, world record holder , social worker, avid book reader, fluent speaker of 6 languages, master cuisinier, above all a warm and kind human being , a true patriot with immense love and pride for her country.