Adarsh Mahila Award


YOUR SISTER is a unit of Legal Rights Council – India. Every year we celebrate “Adharsh Mahila Award” Ceremony. Our motto is a woman who is working for the society without any expectation to be recognized. Many women’s are sacrificing their life for the betterment of the Nation. Many women’s are spending their valuable time, money and energy for the society without any recognition from anyone.

YOUR SISTER find such people and honor them with a award, so that “N” number of women will start looking at the society, that efforts will enhance our nation. Your Sister unit recognize and encourage such women’s to continue their service towards the betterment of the Nation.

Since we have our legal team Nation wide from lower court to Supreme Court we can save them, guide them and protect them in their service and their routine. Nearly twenty two country people are being with us in this service.

  • YOUR SISTER feels that our duty is to honor them for their excellent service towards the nation.
  • From your sister unit we select 25 people from India (i.e. one person from one state) and 15 women’s from abroad for the award.
  • The applicants can send their application through the mail or our website with their full profile.
  • The Candidates will be selected by our Central Committee.
  • Join your hands to honor such great people and we will prove ourselves in the earth.